WTSP Episode 11: Scott Silk

In the second installment of our special series on horror writing, I interview Editor and Horror fan Scott Silk about his work at Tales to Terrify, one of the most popular audio horror journals publishing today. Also: Goodreads’s Top 10 Favorite Horror Anthologies, Man Booker News, and publishing opportunities with Chicago Literati, Lycan Valley Publishing, and Not A Cult!

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01:13- Introduction

02:15- 5 Spooky Podcast You Need To Listen To






8:28- Shameless Plugging

10:16- Interview with Scott Silk




44:30- Literary News

48:00- Goodreads Top 10 Best Horror Anthologies

  1. Baby Teeth: Bite-sized Tales of Terror (2003)
  2. Fresh Fear (2013)
  3. Read The End First (2012)
  4. Zippered Flesh: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad! (2012)
    1. Zippered Flesh 2
  5. Dead Harvest (2014)
  6. Horror for Good: A Charitable Anthology (2012)
  7. Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations (2012)

  8. Dark Forces: New Stories of Suspense and Supernatural Horror (1980)

  9. The Dark Descent (1997)
  10. 999: Twenty-nine Original Tales of Horror and Suspense (1999)

56:56- Publication Opportunities

  • Not A Cult
    • 5 Poems
    • Must have book’s worth of poetry
    • Submission fee: Purchase of book from Not A Cult Shop
    • Deadline: October 31st
  • Chicago Literati: Halloween IV
    • 200-2,000 words
    • Deadline: November 1st
  • Lycan Valley
  • Compelling Stories
    • “The stories we accept almost always:

      1. illustrate at least one interesting concept,
      2. are engaging, and
      3. clearly explain the science/technology in the story.”
    • 1,000-10,000 words
    • Pays $.06 a word
    • Deadline: December 1
  • The Wanderer
    • “We believe in publishing poetry that is immediate and forever, poetry that serves as an intersection of time, place, and the poet who observes it. We also believe in poetry as a public good that can be funded by the public that reads it”
    • 4-8 Poems
    • Pays $25 per poem
    • Submission Email: WANDERERPOEMS@GMAIL.COM

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